The Half Pint Press operates out of a back bedroom within sight of Peckham Rye in South-East London. It’s mostly the work of Tim Hopkins, although my wife Jenn does a good deal of work on the projects also.

New: The Edge of the Object by Daniel Williams, published late 2021

Available now: details on the Half Pint Press work that’s currently available to buy, and how to buy it. 

ILTied 2

This site is here to keep and share a record of our printing projects. There’s a list of them on the projects menu.

Most of the work is letterpress-based: we use an Adana Eight-Five press, and other small Adana presses. Every now and again we’ll employ other printing techniques, but that’s another matter. Most of the textual work is typeset by hand.

If you want or need to get in touch, your best bet is via email: or on twitter, @halfpintpress.