Everything pictured below is currently available direct from Half Pint Press.

If you’d like to buy any of these, please email me at halfpintpress@gmail.com, letting me know where you are, and I will calculate postage and get back to you as soon as possible. Payment can be via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

The Edge of the Object by Daniel Williams: details on the dedicated site

Vacation In Brittany by Gertrude Stein

16 page pamphlet, hand-printed and hand-sewn. Illustrated by Lupe Núñez.


“Dusty Springfield” by Peter Miller

Short story presented as a 7″ single in a sleeve, printed by letterpress and screenprint. Illustration by Pam Berry.


Letterpress [n] by Daniel Williams

Eight-page pamphlet of a lipogrammatic short story, missing an n.


Imaginary Letters by Mary Butts

1920s novella in eight letters, all hand printed in a specially-designed hard cover. Decorations by Lupe Núñez.


The Sea’s Better Plans by Eley Williams

Prose poem hand-printed endlessly on a Möbius strip. Signed by Eley Williams.